Books curated by Jigar K Parekh

Transforming People to Stir up a new life !

This is the first book curated by Jigar K Parekh with some basics of psychology tricks which can be useful in daily life. This book is written for all the age group of people even if you don’t have any basic knowledge about psychology.

These tricks will help you understand the people around you while you communicate with them through their body language or vocabulary they speak.

Bleeding is not bad

This book is curated jointly by Jigar K Parekh with Nikita Gala Parekh describing about the menstrual hygiene practice to be adopted by every women. This book also describes about Menstrual Cup starting from its history and how to adopt using it. Menstrual cup is eco-friendly option for every female during periods and also supports to adopt better menstrual hygiene practice.

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